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Aryx' Journal

The Digital Shutterbug

The Digital Shutterbug
9 January 1968
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I take pictures.
The Digital Shutterbug

I'm always looking for more models. However, you'd have to be pretty close to me, because I work graveyard shift at a hospital, and working out photo-shoots is bad enough for me with that shift that travelling very far would be rather tough. My range would be about from Sacramento to Modesto (some chance as far south as Merced) and from San Francisco to Jackson/Angel's Camp. I use digital media, you'd get a copy of all photos on a CD-ROM. Prints of the best ones can be worked out. I'm not looking for professional models because I can't afford to pay much, especially if I'm the one who is travelling. I also don't charge a sitting fee, and the CD-ROM is free. Prints are relatively inexpensive, maxing out at $5.00 for an 8X10.
My photography is mostly for fun (women giving their mates a special gift) or for people who want to give modeling a try before spending incredible fees to hire a professional photographer. My work can also be used as a starter portfolio until the model/actor/actress gets enough work to get and replace it with more updated shots.
You can view a lot of my work on my website, but realize that this is a little less than 30% of what I have done, as these pictures are pretty much all done with my digital camera (there are a few exceptions here and there). I shot on both medium and 35mm format for quite a long time before purchasing my first digital camera just 3 years ago.


I am a Burning Man freak, having gone since 1998.

Once again, you can view quite a number of photos I have taken at this event simply by going to my website. The 1998 and 1999 events were shot using 35mm, but I have scanned them in and added them to my gallery simply because I did not want them to be lost from the world of the internet. I think that they need to be enjoyed just as much as those which I have taken using the digital camera.


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