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Before I took Cody home last night, we had gone out DVD shopping.
Barnes and Nobles prices are way too f'king high, but I finally found one of the movies that I wanted.

Lola Rennt -- that's German for Lola Runs, or the English title is "Run, Lola, Run."

It's in German with English subtitles. For a lot of the movie, I don't really need the subtitles, but when they start speaking at high speed, I'm glad they're there.

I need to get Cody to watch it... I think she'd really like it.

It was filmed in Berlin, and although Berlin is HUGE, I want to see if I recognize any from my trip there last year. I pretty much stayed only in one part of the city, and they may not have filmed any of it there... but I will look when I get a chance.

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