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Through the looking glass

It is a well established conclusion that Lewis Caroll took lots of drugs. I mean really, seeing little girls shrink and grow tall, dancing playing cards, giant caterpillars that talk, etc.
And just how Disney got involved with all this, I don't know. No one really thinks that ol' Walter would really get involved with someone like Lewis, now don't you think? So, after his death, why did his company?
Look at Disney Land and Disney World! They're full of Caroll's work!
What is this telling our children?
Here's what it's telling them:
It's okay to take drugs! It's okay to take drugs because you experience great feelings and see creatures that you've never seen before, and it all turns out happy in the end and you can write books about it.
I had a dream last night.

Disney wanted a park for everyone to enjoy. It seems that his company doesn't agree.
Did you know that if you are associated with underground scenes, especially goth, that you are not acceptable. You are not allowed to enter the park... or, if you manage to get in, you will get kicked out. I know this last part from first hand experience.

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