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Orthodontist finally cut off the piece of metal from my bottom retainer that was slicing my tongue. My appointment that was for next Monday wasn't going to work, Dr. wasn't goin to be in the office... so I told them what was going on. They said, "come in now." So I did... that was at 3pm.

Next appointment was in a month from now to take off the retained and get a new impression so that a new one could be made. Just before I had to go to work, I was called again... a cancelation for tomorrow at 1:30. So I get to do it tomorrow instead of wait for a month.

Take care of your teeth and your gums.
Take care of your feet... they're the furthest from your heart, so bloodflow is not so good.
Take care of your heart, it pumps blood.
Take care of your colon... it can get pretty messy if you don't keep control.
Take care of your lungs, they help you breath sometimes,
Take care of your brain--um, well... no, most people have already fucked it up... carry on.

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