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So many new ideas for my revamping of Aryx' Mausoleum to change it to "Aryx' Garden" came to me last night. Fortunately, I wrote it all down on paper. Now I have to write all the coding. It's going to take some time. I need to see what will work and what won't. All my ideas look good on paper, and seeing as how all my ideas came from what I've learned so far from javascript, they are all possible, theoretically.
So, I'm excited by the new ideas, but flustered at the thought of actually sitting down and writing all that code. And the biggest hurdle I'll have to leap is debugging the code so that it works on all platforms, including Mac's Netscape, which doesn't do a whole hell of a lot.
I want everyone to be able to experience my site when I'm finally up with it. :)

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