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You know what I just thought of while I was trying to get the kitchen sink unclogged?

Now that my dad found out that I have a new digital camera (I wouldn't be a photographer if it wasn't for him), he wants to get one too. That's not necessarily a bad thing... but why does he want to get the exact same brand and model that I have? I mean, we were on the phone while he was checking out an online store's camera equipment page, and he's asking me all these things about model number and everything, while he's trying to find it.

The one that I chose isn't necessarily the best one out there. I chose it because it did everything that I wanted it to do, and was in the price range that I wanted.

One of the features of my digital camera is that it can take short MPG movie clips. I can see no reason why he'd want something like that.

All the cameras come with detailed instruction manuals, so he wouldn't need to call me and ask me how to do this-and-such.

Well, I'm sure he'll find something. (He couldn't find the exact model I have online.)

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