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Boated out to Paradise Point last night, ate at a Jamaican restaurant, called The Breadfruittree.
Good food... but only two people waiting on tables. It's a small family operated business. Because of the long wait for service and getting our food, it actually made it somewhat like a European feel... nothing is rushed, and everyone is laid back.
But we wanted to be on the water at sunset with some champagne.
Just made it... barely!
Made it back to ski-beach (it's unofficial name) and landed for about an hour and talked.
Headed to Windmill Cove for about an hour (a night club/bar on the water) and listened to music, had a shot.
Headed back to the boat-launch around 11... went to In 'N Out around 12, went back to my friend's house and watched The Mummy on TV. She fell asleep, so I came home.
A fairly decent night, considering it was all a last-minute thing.

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