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So, there's this show called 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.
I've never actually watched the show, so I don't really know if it's any good.
But I've seen the commercials for it since... oh, I don't know, the beginning of time?
What is it about these people that I'm supposed to like?
I don't even know why they're famous! Really, I don't! Are they famous?
I do know that a couple of the girls posed topless or nude before they were 18, although I haven't seen the pictures themselves.
I do know one posed for Playboy later on. But who really cares.
Why are these people supposedly so important or interesting that I'd pay any attention?
The only reason I know of them is because I've seen so many commercials for the show... but that's about it.
There's no camera crew following me around... watching me wash my laundry, pick my nose, take a shit, jerk off every once in a while... why them?

So then, recently, I've seen that the Lohans have started their own show... specifically the mother to Lindsey and the little sister, too, who's trying to make her own way into the spotlight... at least according to the commercials. Once again, I haven't seen the show (it either started last night or starts tonight, I don't know, and really, I don't care).
The only reason I bring this up is because in one of the commercials I saw, Mother Lohan was yelling at some internet dude for having some kind of racy picture of L.L. posted, that may or may not have been doctored. She was telling the internet dude to take the picture down and that she had already contacted her lawyer.
Dear Mother Lohan,
1) Sorry to inform you, but your elder daughter is a celebrity, and because of that status, she has no right to privacy. That's just a part of life that you obviously haven't learned, and it's sad to see that you are trying to pass your misconceptions of life on to your next daughter.
2) If L.L. didn't want her snatch or titties photographed and posted all over the internet, she would wear a bra and panties.
3) You cannot go around telling internet dudes that they can or cannot post pictures of your daughter with stories that may or may not be true! Why? Because you are violating another person's right to free speech and his right to persue happiness. The statements are not libelous, because they are typically humorous, and no one really believes them anyway. Plus the aforementioned fact that as a celebrity, she has lost her right to privacy... and that means 24/7.
I'm sorry you have to watch as every boy you think disgusting gets to slide his horny penis into your daughter's vagina on TV and the internet, but things happen. Just wait 'til your little 14 year old discovers sex!
Stop being the prick that pierced your snatch to create your daughters in the first place!


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