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Got my new keyboard today! So now my Ls, Ks, and .s will work. It's so quiet! :)

UPS tried to deliver it on Friday, but I must've been asleep and didn't hear them knock (my doorbell doesn't work). So last night I slept on the couch and opened the front door. Sure enough, 10 O'clock, they came a'callin'. I slept in my clothes too, so all I would have to do is just jump up and answer the door. I'm not used to sleeping in clothes.

Luckily I'm a light sleeper. I was awake instantly when he knocked on the door. I just can't hear the knock from my bedroom... it's too far in the back.

Not that any of you really care...

So, I got the new keyboard... next I need a new scanner (I still scan the pictures I have on film, and just because I have a digital camera doesn't mean that's all I am going to use... 35mm and medium format film still has major advantages over digital cameras--albeit dwindling rapidly) and a new printer. My poor printer is so old... one of the first bubble jets that was on the market. Well, hell, I need a new computer! I need network cards to hook them up together (I still want to use this one for some stuff!) and DSL (or maybe cable).

And while we're at it... I still want to get a boat. I still want to learn to fly helicopters (thought I'd forgotten about that, hadn't you, Cody!)

Damn, the older I get, the more materialistic I get... weird! What will I do with it all when I die?


BTW, did I mention that I like this new keyboard?

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