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There are some complete idiots in this town!
I just got a call (it's 12:15 in the AM!).
This deep female voice begins talking to me, saying she's got a crush on me and what school did I go to, because she supposedly wants to know if she really has the right number.
You all know just as well as I did where this is going... you know that this is a guy trying to impersonate a girl (I hope). I did... and I thought it was so funny that I went along with it.
Unfortunately, this "girl" didn't have her whole spiel worked out because I kept asking off the wall questions that stumped "her".
Just as I was about to tell "her" that I knew "she" was really a "he", she wants to ask one more question. I say sure. In a deep husky voice, "Will you suck my hairy balls?" To which I instantly say no before he can hang up on me. Damn! I couldn't call him on his prank call!!!!
But, he's still an idiot... wanting another guy to suck his balls... whatever! Homo!

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