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Went down to Modesto last night for a birthday party at Fat Cat. The birthday girl had rented the room upstairs for the gathering. There was a live band until 10 (I got there around 9), and a dj mixed up some crappy ... I don't even know what to call it... it wasn't house, it wasn't techno, trance, nor any of the other club dance mixes I've heard of... this guy mixed together music from the 80's into a techno type of groove. Yes, people were still dancing, but not all that neatly. You see... he would only mix in a minute or so of some 80's song, then switch to another song, and more often than not, the new song didn't have the same tempo as the prior one... and this guy wasn't too good at matching the tempos by slowing down or speeding up one or the other song--which you could tell he was doing--just not well.
Everyone in the club kept yelling how this guy was the best DJ in the 209 (Stockton and Modesto's area code for those of you not in the US or those of you who still hadn't known what the digits were about when refering to a location). I feel sorry for the 209 if he is the best, or even considered good, for that matter.
Anyway, the party was still cool...I think everyone still had a good time. I took a few pictures here and there. I'll post some soon... I hope!

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