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is what I am...

Went to my mom's house to pick up a couple of books of mine that are still in storage over there.

Found my HS yearbooks! OMG!

I have an account at so I went thru the yearbook to look up the names of the people who have accounts there too.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so introverted in HS. Not that I'm an extrovert now, but I am more secure with myself now than I was then.

I was in drama and the band... and that was about it. I never had detention. I was quiet and had level 4 acne (the cystic kind... the stuff that leaves you with scars!).

If I could go back and do it again, knowing what I do now... things would be a LOT different. I probably would even ask someone out to the prom!
Could you see me at the prom? This tall, lanky goth boi listening to that horrid stuff we called music back in the 80's! The Police, Duran Duran, Hahaha

I think I'm going to be sick... *smirks*

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