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The Digital Shutterbug

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My computer is still whacked out...
I either got a virus, or more probably, spyware that is eluding any software I try to find it.
This computer is ancient.
This was one of the very first Windows XP computers that was out on the market, and I had gotten the biggest and fastest thing there was at the time.
I knew it would go obsolete within the first three months of its life, but that's the way of all computers.
Here it is, 87 years later, and it's just barely chugging along.
Time for a new system... but I can't afford one.
Not too sure if I want to hook the laptop up to the network...

Speaking of my laptop; my friend, Katie, just called me while I was typing this and she said for me to write how my laptop sucks because she can never win at solitaire... hehe

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