The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote,
The Digital Shutterbug

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I am having problems with my browser...
My livejournal and my lj friends pages don't load at all (404). I have to go to the main home page just to type this in... and nothing looks like it's supposed to.
My suicidegirls site is all jumbled, but at least it loads, except when I try to to load in a set of pictures... then explorer crashes.
On a few other websites, if I try to view videos, the link directs me to a completely different place... I'm not even sure I'm on the same website anymore.
Most of my other websites are just fine... modelmayhem, myspace, and photosight.

I'm thinking it might be one of my activeX controls, but I'm not too sure... and I can't seem to download new ones... that's another one of my problems...

Sounds like whenever I'm trying to download anything...

But why can't I see livejournal entries? From anyone?


Let's see if this even posts... I'll have to see if any of you respond and get in via e-mail.

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