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New keyboard should be arriving here by Monday... no charge! Woo hoo! And I don't have to send in this one, either! Bonus!

While I was at Gateway, I asked how much my computer was worth in trade-in. I'm still on a pentium 2 466 (or is it 433?) MHz system, bought in January of 1999. My system, high value worth in trade-in is a whopping $165! Heh. It costs $15 to send the old system back in the boxes, and I wouldn't be reimbursed for that, so I would get a total of $150! *smirks* Not worth it. If I get a new system, more than likely, I'll just get a network card and hook them together. With 2 computers, I wouldn't have to get all new hardware either... I wouldn't need DVD playing ability, because this system already has that. I would, however, get better hardware for writing to CD... this one just doesn't like me.
I might as well just go back into debt and get upgrades on all the stuff I need, then spend another 3 years paying it off. New computer, new boat (well, new to me), hmmm what else have I been wanting lately????????????

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