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Watched "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader" for the first time.
People at work are raving over this thing.
I can't believe that these people are having so many problems with these questions,
although I admit I would have gotten one of the questions wrong... I thought that the Colorado river was greater than 2000 miles, and would have guessed that as the other river in the United States which is, along with the Mississippi. However, I do remember now that I did know at one time it was the Missouri... but wouldn't have remembered it soon enough to pass that test. heh
The planets one you all pretty much know I would have said the correct answer before Jeff Foxworthy even finished the question. The triangle one as well.
Almost forgot about Veterans Day in November as a second holiday... that would have been silly as one of my first girl-friend's (from high school) birthday is on the same day.

Just like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," I've heard that when you're up on stage like that with a camera pointed at you, your nerves take over and your mind seems to go blank... I'd probably do the same thing, even though I've done stage acting and had a couple of TV interviews in my life (not big time stuff, but hey, it's still a camera pointed at you and someone asking you questions that you haven't thought the answers out beforehand).

But damn, at least make a guess! I couldn't believe that guy had to 'cheat' when he said the answer about which gender of mosquito is the one which bites humans... The male is the herbivore, the female is the carnivore.

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