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Burning Man

Well, Burning Man is coming up in just a few days.
I'm not going this year. :( During the month of June, I was in Germany, and had some money problems, so I thought I wasn't going to be able to make it. So I gave my tickets to my friend Cody. Not only do I not have those money problems now, but I'm actually ahead. But it's a little late to ask for the week off. Plus I didn't think of anything creative to take there this year. But this means I have another year to come up with something good. Except that Burning Man, the experience, is real good at letting you see what others have done and getting new ideas from that.
But, Cody will be taking lots of pictures for me this year. If you are going, and you see a fire-dancer that has a ton of beads in her hair, and wears a flaming dildo, or chain-mail bra and panties, that's her! Say hi to her, too, she likes to talk.
Sorry I'll miss it this year.

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