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are you gay?

So the Snickers Superbowl commercial was pulled. You know the one... two guys working on a car, one pulls out a snickers, unwraps it, and sticks it in his mouth. The other guy sees it and suddenly he wants some... so he reaches out with his mouth and starts chewing on the other end. The two guys are each chewing on one end of the snickers, eventually meeting in the middle in what looks like a kiss. One guy yells at the other to quickly do something manly so they don't look gay. The other quickly rips his shirt open, yanks out a huge tuft of chest hair and yells.

Why was the commercial pulled? Because "the gays" took offense.

Excuse me?

Several things here... I know a few gays here and there, and the ones I know (or at least I think I know) would not have been offended by that. After all, the commercial isn't anti-gay, just the two characters of the commercial... and maybe not even that.

To be gay is to be liberal. There's no way around it. You can't be gay and be conservative. Although both sides have a sense of humor, the liberal sense of humor tends to be a lot wider or more all-encompasing. And if you're gay, you had better have one hell of a sense of humor, especially about being gay and homosexuality in general.

So, to those gays who may have taken offense to such a commercial and requested its demise, I offer you this:

Stop fucking thinking that you're being persecuted left and right. You're not. You're going to have to accept that being a part of society that you're going to have to take your share of jokes just like blondes take theirs, like politicians take theirs, like religeon takes theirs, like stars (singers, heiresses, movie-stars, etc) take theirs, etc. It doesn't mean you're being pushed away from our society, it means that you've been accepted! You dolts!
And if you don't believe me, take a look at our media. Why is Will and Grace such a hit? Do you think that if Brokeback Mountain was about a man and a woman it would have faired even half the attention? What if we non-gays decided to take all of that off the air? And you fucking bitch about a TV commercial.

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