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Even if it doesn't come out the way you remember it tasting at the high-class restaurant, making your meals from scratch and trying to copy something that you've only just eaten before is still highly rewarding.
So tonight, while I was making spaghetti, I decided to try to make an Italian salad I had a couple of weeks ago when I was in San Francisco... at the Jackson-Fillmore, if you really want to know. The meat of the salad was basically slivered zuccini and almonds, with a little bit of olive oil, and some other small leafy green that I'm not too sure of, but think may be Italian parsley. It's all mixed together and heated... not cooked.
At the restaurant, the salad was simply amazing! But, I didn't have parsley, so I used cilantro... (give it a little bit of a Mexican kick, maybe?).
Well, it's still good, but no where near what I remember... but, that's okay! It still tastes decent, and is probably just as good for you as their version, especially in the ole colo-rectal area.
Yes, as you get older, you realize that you really need to start taking care of that old poop-shoot.
We eat far too much red meat (cows), and no where near enough greens and nuts... that fiber really does help take away those stomach cramps! -- and that whole regularity thing, too!
Anyway, enough about health...
I'm still glad I attempted to make the salad... wish I could remember what it was called!

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