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In the summertime, there is a popular event whereby both men and women are known to go outdoors in skimpy or no clothing to bask in the rays of the sun to tan their skins. Oddly enough, this is referred to as tanning, or sun tanning, or just plain, getting a tan.

A little less known event about is the art of getting a Blue. The motions of getting a Blue are very similar to those of getting a tan. But instead of going out in the middle of the day in the middle of summer, you are encouraged to remove your clothing and go out in the middle of a full-moon night in the dead of Winter, causing your skin to change to blue, rather than tan. The effects of Blue-ing don't last nearly as long as a tan does, so you are encouraged to partake in some of the same events as the tanners, such as swimming and using the moonlight to dry off your skin once you are well rinsed. You are also encouraged to partake of soaking in the moon's rays as often as possible and to get a full body Blue.

Just think how jealous your coworkers and friends will be if you can show off your pale blue skin while they are just pale and blotchy!

There is no evidence that getting that all-over Blue will cause skin cancer.

There have been a few reported cases of people losing fingers and toes due to exposure to the cold, but we believe that these people were going about the process in the wrong manner as to even spending the night out in the cold for several days. Moderation is the key here.

Nonetheless, don't let this Winter pass you by without taking advantage of the moon's winter rays to highlight the natural color changing ability of your skin!

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