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What a farking downer today was.
My plans were to do quite a bit of shopping for things I'm going to need for Burning Man.
Several of the things I was looking for... batteries for my blinky lights, plus more blinky lights, thermal underwear, an extra set of goggles, and glowsticks.
The place I go to for the thermal underwear was closed... under new ownership, will re-open in September... well, I can't wait 'til September!
The place I was going to go for the goggles and a few additional items was closed, but there was no explanation why. Hours said Saturday 10-6... drove by two different times... everything closed, lights off, etc.
I drove to two different party stores looking for the glowsticks before I was told where I could find those, then ended up driving all the way across town. Fortunately, they had what I was looking for is stock, but the two high-school girls working behind the counter had to search for them.
Went to both Target and Wal-Mart looking for miscellaneous odds and ends, especially those batteries and a few other things. Of course, the specific batteries I'm looking for are all sold out. And I can't seem to find the substitute one... you know, those ones that say replaces this and that. Couldn't find thermal underwear in those places either.
Am in the middle of washing one of my photography backgrounds, after the kitty decided to use it as a pee-place. Grrrrr. You know how hard it is to wash a piece of material that is 10 feet by 20 feet? I have to keep changing it around in the dryer to make sure that it all gets dried.
I think it's time for a nap.

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