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Why is it that I'm not updating in here as much as I used to?
I'm not so busy that I can't say something. I still come online everyday just to see what everyone else is up to. Guess I just don't have much to write about. I've been doing a lot more reading than I usually do. Or, I should say re-reading. Many of the books that I had read in high-school are being picked up again. For example, I am in the middle of re-reading a book similar to The Lord of the Ring called, Lord Foul's Bane. In high school, when I read it, I hated it. I'm actually enjoying it this time around. Surprisingly, I remember most of the characters as they get re-introduced to me. In the last four months, I have probably read close to a hundred books. Last year, I wrote down the titles and authors of all the books I had read from January to December. I averaged one book a month, which has been about my average for the past 15 years or so. Now suddenly, I've almost reached a hundred just in the last four months. When people call me, they ask what I'm doing, and my typical reply is, "reading." I'm starting to get responses from that like, "you're always reading!" Heh. Kind of feels good!
Well, I'm gonna run off and get some more of this latest book read. It's the first of a trilogy, so you know that I have at least two more books to read afterwards. Plus, I just read the first book of another trilogy. But I needed a break from that one, which is why I started this new one.

happy born-day, projectx (tomorrow)!!!!

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