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I had a list of things to do.
Things like clean up the house, wash clothes, make phone calls, go to the store, etc.
On that particular list, I only got a couple of things done.
I got half my clothes washed.
I made a list of things that I absolutely needed from the store.
That list had six items on it.
Things that I didn't want to forget to get.
When I'm at the store, I tend to shop around for everything else, getting things that aren't on the list as well.
I didn't forget to take the list to the store. I had it with me.
So how come it is that when I looked at my list this morning I find that I had gotten only two of the six items that I definately needed to get!?

Photo-shoot coming up... not yet with the one model, I haven't talked to her yet. That's one we still need to set up.

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