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Burning Man

There's just a little more than a month before we head out to the Northwest corner of the state of Nevada for the anual event known as Burning Man.

At this time, those of you who are on my friends list because you are burners or will be going for your first time this year, let me let you know approximately where I'll be located.

I have been camping/spending time with Hey! Camp. Typically, we're around 5:45 and the third road from the outter circle. We should be in approximately the same place. You'll know you've found us if you're suddenly being hailed by a bunch of people yelling Hey! at you. As half the people from the camp are from Canada, there will be a Canadian flag on the communal tent. I will probably also have my Aryx Camp sign out as well, but it will just be a sub-portion of Hey! Camp.

I am also asking all of you who are fairly certain you know about where you will be camping, let me know (only if you're interested in having me stop by--and trust me, I understand Playa time, and realize that I may stop by whenever you're not around, and miss you for the entire event.) So, if you want to stop by and say hi, now you know about where I'll be. More details to come once we have a vague idea of how we're setting our camp up this year.

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