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So, I have been contacted by a professional model.
She's not a supermodel or anyone most mainstream people in the U.S. would recognize.
In fact, you'd probably have to search Japanese advertisements, and American Anime ComiCon photos to know who it is.
The funny thing is, I've known her for the past six months or so, and didn't even realize she has done as much stuff as she has.
You see, she lives right here in the heart of California, Stockton (by heart, I mean the almost geographic center of the state, nothing else).
I didn't even know she was a model!
She loves anime... and tends to dress up as many anime characters.
Her new one is a character from Bible Black that she wants me to shoot her in.
She's heading out to another convention in a couple of days, and then we're supposed to set up a shoot; looking for a school-yard to use, at it is a school-girl outfit that she plans on wearing.

I'll tell you the name of the model once I get the shoot done and maybe a picture or two posted.

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