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chocolate milk
milk chocolate
might as well just eat brown sugar

stereotypically, it is said that women enjoy chocolate more than men
perhaps women are more sensitive the chemical reactions of the ingredients or something
i've heard it said that when women eat chocolate, it is similar to when a guy looks at a picture of a nude woman
i don't know if that's true or not, it's just what i've heard
i've heard other comparisons, too
once again, i have no idea if they're true or not
i have seen a documentary or two on that subject, but i don't know if what i'm remembering is my own thoughts, or something that was actually said... like the chocolate causing a surge of endorphins... is that my own opinion, or something that was said in the documentary
i don't know
i really don't care
it's not a subject i really have much interest in
the only reason i bring up chocolate in the first place is because i just drank some chocolate milk a few minutes ago, and now my stomach is yelling at me

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