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I think that the organizers of spelling bees should get away from the difficult words that no one even uses, and start getting back to some basics.
To avoid some confusion, they may want to stay away from contractions, such as "they're", but still throw in "there" and "their."
And how about "allot" and "a lot;" yes, make them either state that there is a space in there, that it is two words, or just pause after the "a."
We should stay away from names like, "Mary," but keep "merry" and "marry."
And how about we include the proper pluralizations of words, even though some may be going out of style. For example, the plural of "appendix" is "appendicies," not "appendixes." Same is true for "formula." The correct plural is "formulae."
And then there are the multi-word plurals. Is it "mother-in-laws" or "mothers-in-law?" If you pluralized "mother," then you are correct.
Getting back to contractions, perhaps we should throw some in. After all, is it "should've" or "should of?" It's a contraction of "should have," so the correct form is "should've." It just sounds like "should of."
Then we could ask the spellers to define the difference between synonyms, like "accept" and "except."

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