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Got back from the funeral about 45 minutes ago.
Because my niece and Katy were best friends, she spoke a little bit.
It was pretty hard for her, but she made it through.
Katy's mom and sister recognized me; had to introduce myself to the dad, though.
I don't know how my niece and sister have been able to sleep these past couple of weeks; they're practically a part of the family -- I'm sure they're viewed as such as well.
My niece is only 13 -- that's far too young to lose a best friend.
The only thing that I can really think about was that because of what time of day the accident happened, Katy should have been asleep when the car wrecked, so at least she never felt any pain.
I had forgotten that a couple of Katy's uncles work for the Sherriff. It looked like half our Sherriff's department was out there.
I don't think the family is quite cried out yet.
I must admit, I shed a couple of tears when my niece started to break apart on stage.


I'm getting an alarm installed in a couple of hours... so it looks like I'm not getting any sleep today. I am going to try to go take a nap in a bit, though.

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