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So, do we or do we not have control over our own bodies.
On one hand, we are told that we do, so we can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, even though we know they are harmful to our systems, and the only restrictions are age, and you aren't allowed to drive a vehicle after alcohol ingestion.
But on the other hand, we are not in control of our bodies, as we are not allowed to smoke pot or take drugs that alter our mind, even in some instances when prescribed by a doctor.
Then again, we do have control over our bodies because we allow women to get abortions.
And contrary again is that we have to wear seatbelts while driving cars, and helmets while driving motorcycles.
So, which is it? Do we have control over our own bodies, or do we not?
Why is it that sports figures aren't allowed to inject steroids? Is it because it may give them an unfair advantage over other players? Or is it because the drug may potentially be harmful to the user?
This superstar status that some of our players get really seems to go to their heads. Soon, they begin to believe that they are special, and are then allowed to use steroids. They better they are, the more money they "earn."
I think this whole thing comes down to money.
If the owner put a cap on salary for our sports stars which was a lot lower than it is now, perhaps these people will realize that they are, indeed, just people, and no more special than you and I. The gladiators risked their lives, and often lost them, to get to superstar status; rarely earning any money at all during the process.
Yes, the subject of whether or not we have control of our own bodies and our team players taking steroids is related. We're telling them that they aren't allowed to use the drugs, and thus don't have control over their own bodies. Yet, they break the rules to insist that they do, indeed, have control.
So which is it?

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