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Around mid-Summer last year, I bought a bunch of koi to put in my ponds.
Included were 4 mid-sized ones, about 6 inches in length, and 10 little ones, all of about 2 inches long.
I put six little ones into the smaller pond, and over time have lost all of those because the outside animals kept figuring out ways around my defenses. Luckily they haven't figured out that there are fish in the bigger pond, which sits above ground. The little koi don't show up for feeding very often, and as my pond water isn't exactly what you would call clear, you can't see them very often. But they all came up for food this morning, and my how they've grown! The little ones have just about doubled in length, almost 4 inches! The bigger koi I see all the time, so I never really noticed that they've also grown. They're as big as the goldfish now, if not a little bigger, which means they're between 7 and 8 inches long.

Once the weather warms up, I can clean out that poor filter and hopefully start getting the pond water clearer again.

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