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More laptop troubles:
So, this new notebook I just bought is already on the fritz... well, it's not actually the laptop itself... the CD-ROM died, and I have no idea why.
I took it back to Best Buy last week, and they said because they don't carry the CD-ROM that I have, and also because it is still under warrantee, that I need to call Sony (I have a Sony Vaio).
So yesterday, I finally had a chance to call. And of course, I had to go through the whole spiel to make sure it wasn't a software problem... which I knew it wasn't, but they just have to be sure, y'know?
The first guy I talked to finally said I needed to reinstall Windows and call back when everything was done to let them know if it worked or not.
There was no way I was going to reinstall Windows. Firstly, I don't have the Windows installation disc, which of course is very important. It didn't come with one... it was installed already, and all I had to do was register. Secondly, if I did have the installation disc, I wasn't going to reinstall because then I'd lose all of my saved game info, pictures, movie scripts and story ideas, etc. So, NO.
Several hours later, I called back and just told the new guy I was talking to that it was definately hardware. He said that I can send it in, they'd replace it, and send it back. I asked if there was any way they could send me a replacement disc drive, I could reinstall it and send back the bad one. Normally that would be a no, but fortunately, this particular model is one that they allow that to be done... uh, but wait a second... nope, they can't do that with the CD-ROM disc drive, just the hard drive... so I'm going to have to send it in anyway. They assured me that it will be gone for only about a week. One of my coworkers said that's about right... they're pretty quick about replacing parts.
So, I'll get my prepaid postage box in the mail tomorrow so I can send it off. I still need to back up all the data, though... just in case they decide that they want to try reinstalling Windows...

I like this new notebook... it has a built in microphone AND camera! Not that I use those. I don't need to hook up a wireless network card either, because it has one built in! The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have full 3D rendering harware... so I can't play Call of Duty 2 on it. :(
So, I'm stuck with playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, Giants: Citizen Cobuto, and Half Life (the original). At least, I could until the CD-ROM went out. heh

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