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I think it's time for another road trip. A long one. I've been having dreams about it again.
My last real long road trip was several Summers ago. Drove down to LA, then eastward on Route 66, stopping at Lake Havasu, The Grand Canyon, a barbed-wire museum in Texas, Oklahoma City's bombed Federal Building when there was just a chain link fence with people hanging momento's on it, then down to New Orleans.
After New Orleans, we headed north towards Chicago, passing through Memphis and St. Louis.
Then back across the country via the northern states, passing through Minneapolis and Fargo, all the way to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nat'l Parks, then through Bend, Oregon, where I got attacked by a tick with lyme disease, to my city of birth, Salem, OR. Then we made our way back down to the Central Valley of California. Including CA itself, we drove through a total of 18 states, even if it was just a little corner (Tennessee).
It's time for another trip just like that.
I don't have the time at this point for another vacation like that. I have Burning Man coming up at the end of August, and need to start planning my Australian vacation for next winter.

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