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Does anyone work in a restaurant where teriyaki chicken is made? I think I'm getting closer to making it the way I like it, but I'm still off just a bit. I've tried marinading it overnight, slow cooking it in a panful of teriyaki, and several other ways... still can't quite get it to taste like the restaurants' versions... anyone know anything about making it or have any ideas?


I'm glad today was payday, because, boy oh boy, was I ever getting low on funds. My $900 car insurance and mortgage took me down to $200 in my checking account. I'm used to having a minimum of $3,000 in my account, so I was feeling a little tight. Those weren't my only expenses... two Burning Man tickets at $250 each didn't help, and I probably could have done without the 14 new DVDs over the last two weeks or so. But today was payday. That gets my account back up near $2,000, with most bills paid... still got two more that I'm expecting before month's end. That will drop me back down to about $1,200 or so... maybe a little more. But I don't think I have any other expenses until the next payday.
I also need to get my taxes done... should be another good return, but that's going to go towards my home equity loan.


I think that, for the time being, I'm just going to stick with writing my movie scripts. At this point, I don't see how I can afford to actually film them and put them together. I've got a friend in New York who says he can find the talent and film everything, then send the tapes off to me to edit, but when I found out he was just thinking about using a regular camcorder, I thought maybe not. I mean, I've got a camcorder and could find the talent easily... so I might as well just shoot it myself, if I wanted it done with a camcorder... but that's not what I want. The next step above camcorder would be fine, I think... but neither one of us has that. *sigh* I don't know... maybe I just need to write scripts that are more 'B' rated in my mind (I always have these delusions of producing top quality home movies... whatever that means).
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