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So, it seems that the glaciers are melting at a rate double to what they were just five years ago.
Now, to many, this would indicate that global warming is a real problem.
But, I must point out that Earth is dreadfully behind on some regular global events.
Ice ages for one. It has been shown that before an Ice Age occurs, the glaciers begin melting at a rapid pace. This introduces quite a bit of fresh water into the oceans' underwater rivers, especially the main one that circles the entire planet. When fresh water is introduced into this highly concentrated salt water, the flow around the planet practically halts. When this happens, BAM!, a new Ice Age. The planet actually begins cooling down without the warmer flowing water keeping the temperature around the planet up. But, the whole process begins with an increase in the temperature that begins the glacial melt.
Are humans responsible for this? Maybe, but not necessarily, says I.
You see, as I've said, this process occurs, and has occured, naturally. We are already long overdue for such an event. So does humankind's involvement with the environment really affect what is happening here?
Perhaps. Yes, we may be speeding up the inevitable, but as it's already overdue, does it really matter?
Don't get me wrong, we do need to clean up our air and our rivers and forests and everything else we've mucked up in the past... but not for the reasons listed by those fearful of global warming.
There is another even that is natural for Earth, which has been happening since long before people occupied this planet. The magnetic poles of Earth have, on a regular schedule, reversed polarity. There is evidence indicating that we are just now at the early stages of another such reversal. It typically takes about a thousand years (if I remember my readings correctly) for a full reversal to occur. But, once again, we are long overdue for such an event. From the history of these reversals, one should have occured several thousand years ago. It does not appear that humankind has an effect on this process.
However, are these two processes (the "global warming" and its forthcoming Ice Age and this magnetic polarity reversal) interlinked? No one is quite sure... but, IMHO, it sure could be. I don't think that a polarity reversal has occured simultaneously as an Ice Age, but if we are, perhaps, in the middle of both at the same time, it might (I stress might) be a possible reason for this advanced rate of atmospheric warming... and maybe, just maybe, people may have had nothing to do with anything going on at all. It is entirely possible that we could have polluted our environment entirely to toxic levels and never had such a problem, or that we could have invented clean industries from the very beginning and still witnessed such events. Who knows!? There are too many possibilities. And yes, the global warming fanatics justmay be right is, indeed, one of those possibilities... so we can't throw that out, either.

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