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Sometimes I just love shopping at Safeway!
When you check out, they always ask if you need help out to your car.
Being young and virile, I don't.
I think it becomes such a habit for them, that they sometimes forget what you've bought.
Several months ago, I went in just to get a case of Sprite. That's all I needed, and all I got.
The girl at the counter finished ringing me up, took my money, gave me my change, and started asking if I needed help out. She pretty much got the who question out before she realized it was just one item. The chances of me needing help out were pretty much nil.
I went in today because I needed scissors.
I couldn't find my other ones, and I have presents to wrap.
So that's all I needed.
After I finished checking out, I'd figure I'd give the girl a shock... I seriously asked if I could get help out with my scissors.
She looked at me with the most confused face; it was hilarious.
I can't hold a serious pose very long though, so it took only about a second before I gave away that I was just joking.


I've lived here in California for 36 years, but wasn't actually born here, so I'm not technically a native.
We moved here when I was just a baby, though, so I grew up here, and have pretty much the same attitude that most Californians do about most topics.
But the one thing that I find strange is the reaction to weather.
It barely starts sprinkling and people get out their umbrellas. It's slightly misty, and people won't go out because it's too wet. We get a regular rain shower and it turns into the storm of the century. God forbid it might actually snow here, we'd have to close down the Capital and all the schools!
And then everybody still drives like an idiot.
Either they continue driving like they do in the Summer, 90mph in a 25mph school zone, or they're extra cautious, driving 3mph through a puddle as if it's quick sand.
And everybody seems to be on the phone!
Makes you want to yell out the window:

Hey, Are You Having Phone Sex, Or Do You Always Drive Like That?!

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