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The Digital Shutterbug

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Welp, I'm just about done with the ol' x-mas shopping.
Still gotta figure out something for my dad... he just bought himself a new computer, so maybe I can get him a gift cert. for x-tra stuff for that. Unfortunately, it's a Mac. I don't do Apple computers anymore. I don't even have an iPod simply because it's Apple. Apple can suck my cock, for all I care.
Anyhow... yeah.
I already know what I'm getting my sister... just a matter of going out to get it... once I've got my sister and dad taken care of, then that's it! Yay! And there's still 12 days before x-mas even gets here... that's a first, I think... I'm always shopping right up 'til the 23rd.
I s'pose I can wait 'til the 23rd to go get those things... heh

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