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Just had the bizarrest of dreams... too many images to remember, so I might forget to write some of them down:
Met with our Gov, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria. For some reason, they made time to talk to us (It was with a couple of you, but I'm not exactly sure who) about absolutely nothing. Arnold looked a bit younger, and he had his hair in a conservative new wave style... black with brown highlights and spiked. He even posed in a group photo that was originally just supposed to be me and him. He was rather jovial, considering we were taking up his time. Almost like he was drunk, but I don't think he was.
There was another Native German person there, also an American politician, but I've already forgotten who it was. I remember I tried speaking to the both of them in German and totally fucked it up. Not that they were really paying attention to me at the time, everyone was too busy trying to get into the group photo.
We had met him in what esentually looked like a school cafeteria, but I doubt we were at any school. It might have still been a cafeteria, but at the capitol building or something.
We (whoever of you who was with me) had either just come back from Burning Man or were on our way out there when we stopped off to visit Herr Schwarzenegger. I was on a train talking to a guy who I though I knew, but wasn't sure until later. We were talking about building wireless robots to take out to the desert the following year. Not just remote control, although the idea for a remote control was actually an X-Box controller, so it must be able to do some weird things. We spoke of remote control helicopters for a bit before I really remembered who this guy was... some friend I had had in my BBS days. As I was finally getting off the train is when we met up with Arnold (you ever notice that when I write about my dreams, I write it backwards?)
There was a lot more to the dreams, including references to some of my past recurrent dreams. Like Maria (Arnold's wife) talking about all sorts of beaches. I was writing my address down so that they'd send me a copy of the group picture as we didn't stay formed long enough for whoever was taking the pictures to use my camera. As I was writing my address, they kept assuming different states and cities until I got it all written down. "Oxford, Washington?" This is when the beaches started being discussed.
In the past, I used to have recurrent dreams that I was in Santa Cruz and could hike along a small lake, go along a trail and finally come to a rocky beach that always seemed deserted, which contained a tiny lagoon and very warm water. I know this place doesn't exist, because there is actually the city of Santa Cruz right where my lake and trail and lagoon would be. Anyway, I told them about this beach, knowing when I woke up it was just my imaginary beach, but it was real enough when I was dreaming it, like it was a fond memory. Maria was very exited to visit it. By now Arnold was talking to someone else. I remember I had wanted to talk to him about Burning Man... I'm not sure why... was he going? Had we already been? Were we, in fact, there already, just in some kind of capital facade? Was the train a facade as well? Maybe, it didn't really seem to go anywhere.
As I was finishing writing my address for the picture, I realized I couldn't remember my zip code.
That's when I woke up.

Okay, so what was that all about?!

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