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It is sad that I still do not have my laptop to use to write my ideas for screenplays, all the while with ideas starting to come at me at a fevered pace.
I am trying to write scribblings and doodles and whatnot down in my notebooks as fast as I can, but it seems that my typing is now faster than my writing.
Who would ever have thought that someone who types by hunting and pecking could type faster than write freehand?
Granted, it's not really hunting and pecking anymore... as I really don't have to look at the keyboard very much anymore; but I never took any classes on typing. The only advice I ever got was from my mother, who used to be a typist. She basically told me which fingers go to which keys... of course, those of you who know me very well know that I have had to modify that due to the deformity of both my pinky fingers. It seems that they don't really slow me down that much.

I am finding myself fascinated with character development. All the little things that makes a character come to life are just intriguing! Coming up with back-stories on my characters makes them more real to me, and then it dawns on me that they wouldn't say a line this way, or that they would probably laugh at something no one else finds funny, or whatever. Does she have a limp, and why? Did a death of a mother or father influence the way my character behaves? All this is getting me to the point where I seem to worry about this more than the actual plot of the story where we (as viewers) come in. I've just recently read that this is, indeed, actually normal. So I'm relieved. Inventing the past histories of my characters, both protagonists and antagonists, helps define how they go about obtaining their wants. And this can alter the plot, hopefully in a good way.

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