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The Digital Shutterbug

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Except when I was up earlier writing my last two posts, I spent the entire day in bed. From 8 this morning 'til around 10:30 tonight.
My headache is finally gone after who knows how many aspirins. It had started early last night while at work, probably around 1 or so in the morning.
I didn't get to do today what I wanted to get done, and that's set up my hot tub. I need to cap off some sprinklers in the back yard, reroute some electricity in the garage to the tub, put some plywood down for support with some sand to be sure it's level, then turn the water on and get the chemicals in. That reminds me, I will need to look for a place that I can get more chemicals when the time comes... it doesn't use standard hot tub chemicals because it's lines with vinyl, and regular chemicals will eat that up.
I'm awake now, but I want to go back to bed soon so that I can actually be awake in the daytime tomorrow to get this done.

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