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Is it just me or do these suicide bombings seem less like a terrorist threat and more like a routine day in the life of immature kids with bombs?
I mean this thing is just getting rediculously mundane. The scare factor just doesn't seem to be there anymore. When you wake up in the morning, it's not a matter of IF there was a bombing or not, but now it's WHERE one occured. That shock just isn't a part of the game anymore.
You know what would really be a shock?
We wake up one morning and discover that Iraq and Iran had been totally blown away. Secretly, and in the middle of the night, all of our troops pull out, and we bomb the living shit out of every single building.
That would be a shock.
I'm not saying that's what we should or need to do, because I'm sure it's just too much paperwork for our corrupt little politicians to fill out. And I'm sure France would pee their pants over something like that. They might even make up a curse word for Americans that actually sounded like a curse word, instead of some flowery phrase rolling around their tongues.

Have you noticed recently that many of the Washington Republicans are starting to distance themselves from El Presidente? Sure! Why not? It's not like he can run for office again. So some of the policies he tried to enact are starting to lose support. There also seem to be a greater number of common American Democrats taking interest in the political scene. The news had mentioned that the democratic side tends to win elections when there's a bigger turn out to vote. This is because the Republicans always turn out to vote, but the Demos rarely do. So once the Demos starts to go vote, the election results tend to swing toward their side.

The Donkeys have some good ideas, I'll grant you... but they've got bad ones, too. The Elephants have good and bad ideas, too. But the same is true for all parties... the Independents, the Green Party, etc, ad nauseum. I just wish there was an Aryx platform. Of course, for every idea that I think is good, there's someone out there who thinks it stinks. So if I agree with something from the GOP, there's Demos out there that say it sucks, and vice versa.

Okay, I really can't write anymore; this damn headache is kicking my ass right now.

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