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So I had to go to the store today to get some new shoes.
I always go to wal-mart and just get cheapies, because I'm cheap or something... heh
The one here in Stockton is clear across town.
There's one in Manteca, which, of course, is another city away.
By mileage, the one here in town is slightly closer.
By driving time, the one in Manteca is a lot closer, because it's pure freeway from my house to their front door.
The one here in Stockton is brand-spanking new, and it's gotta be something like 18 square miles of shopping space... I mean it's fucking HUGE! It could swallow both our old store (which was right across the street from where the new one is now) and Manteca's and have room left over for a few more wal-martsesss.
I don't like our brand new store, because it's just too big for me.
So I went to the one in Manteca.
I get there, and just as I'm walking in, I see a friend!
I knew she worked there (she's one of the managers, in fact), but I hadn't really expected to see her, partially because I had forgotten that she was there and the fact that I usually go shopping there at night, when she's not there.
Anyway, she was walking outside with another worker, dressed in plain clothes.
She saw me, and just told me she'd be right back.
So I go in, and wait just past the front doors.
A minute goes by, and she and the other guy come back in, each leading a teenage girl to the back room, wearing handcuffs.
I was grinning... You go girl!
I saw her again a couple of minutes later. On duty, of course, she really couldn't talk. But she said she was off in just a couple of minutes because she had to go pick up one of her kids from school/baby sitter's (not sure which). I said fine, I'm just getting shoes... I'd wait for her outside.
Got the shoes, waited outside for her to get off.
She was in a rush (when isn't she!?) but I got a quick hug and told her I'd call her next week.
It was nice to see her.
Hey, projectx, if you talk to your wife, tell her that I'm glad I got to see her and that I'm thinking of her, k? BTW: I miss you too!!

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