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Looking into solar panels to power the house. Probably a good investment in the long run.
But, trying to decide if I want to be completely independent from the electric company, or stay on the grid, do I want to incorporate wind power (especially for our windy spring season here), and all that other stuff is a lot to think about. Plus, I don't actually know how much power I use because I don't pay attention to my bills. That would help me determine how many panels I would eventually need, and how much my initial cose would start out as. I'm guessing if I install it myself, cost would be between 8 and 12 thousand dollars, depending mostly on how many panels I'd need. I'm not sure if that's including all the rebates and tax deductions and discount programs that California offers... something else I'd have to look into.
If I have someone install it for me, that'd be an additional cost for labor, plus they'd probably find all the wiring problems in my garage and want to have it redone. I know that the garage isn't wired correctly, but I'm not the one who did that in the first place... it was the prior owner. He did a lot of his own house upgrades. Anyway, having someone else come out to wire the house for solar, then rewire the house (and esp. the garage) to be up to code would be an additional cost.
I don't know how long I'm going to own this house. Another five years? 10? Two? I dunno...

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