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My computer is going to be in the shop for over two weeks.
When I took it in, the guy kept telling me that it's a certain shipping chanrge, whether they can fix it or not, and that fixing it might involve having to replace the motherboard and that that can be expensive, da da da.
When he saw my reservations, he must've interpretted the price being the bad thing.
After he made a couple of comments, I told him, no... I don't really care about the cost... it's that the computer is going to be gone two weeks, minimum.
I told him I needed to get some files off it first, before they sent it away. So I came home to grab my little SanDisk memory card (I don't know what to call it).
The files I needed were, of course, my movie scripts. I'm not going to go at least two weeks without those somewhere where I can't work on them.

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