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Our minds and our dreams little to play funny little games with us when we're asleep, don't they?

I just woke up, thinking I had a dream where my truck and boat had gotten stolen. I was in the right-hand lane of a two-lane one-way street.
Why was I there? I had gotten out of my truck to take pictures of the car that had just rear-ended me. When I was done taking pictures of the car, I went to the building on the corner to try to sell the pictures, presumably to the driver's insurance agent, which just happened to be on the corner there! But, it was Sunday, and they were closed.
I return to my spot and find my truck and boat missing!
As I sat here awake wondering why in the hell did I have this dream, I suddenly thought, "Doh! Stupid. The Tow truck probably towed the truck away." Then I thought some more... why would they tow my truck away when the lady had run into my boat that I was towing? And there had been no damage to my boat.
Of course there was no damage to the boat, you weren't hit!
Wait a second. What happened?
Oh yes... I had come across the accident when the ambulance people were taking the lady out of the car and whisking her off to the hospital. She had run into someone else!
I had parked my truck somewhere else to come back to take pictures of the accident scene to try to sell to the insurance people.
So even in the dream I had forgotten that I had moved off to the side to do that, then assumed that the truck had gotten stolen.
Weird dream, because I was so upset that when I was on my way home (in my dream) I called my mother, sobbing, telling her that the truck and boat had been stolen. She started bawling.
Dreams, very weird. She would be sad, sure... but she wouldn't bawl.

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