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I am almost done with the vertical writing form for my last short movie idea.

In written length, this appears to be the longest movie of the six, but in actuality, it's about the same length as all the others.

This particular film is just laced with a lot more very short cuts and changes of points of view. Writing all of that just takes more space. Typically, they say that one page of movie script is about one minute. In this particular instance, it's going to be about two pages a minute, so it's still going to be about five minutes long.

I almost want to make all of these movies; they all take place in the same sleepy town, they pretty much all have at least one reference to one of the other stories, and they can all be put into a "collection" of stories.

If it's slow tonight at work, I'll finish the rewrite of this last script, and then try to come up with some other ideas for short screen plays... but not necessarily horror, unless that's all that comes to mind.

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