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When I moved in to my home, I had only one neighbor with dogs. Now there are at least four.
It's starting to get noisy around here. I liked the quiet.

I always say I don't like dogs, but that's not quite true. Trained dogs, like the ones used in police work, rescue missions, and those used for helping the blind are pretty awesome dogs. I especially like the rescue dogs, and watching the police dogs in action. And I like how the seeing eye dogs are nice and quiet when they're "on duty."
I think most people don't realize that when these dogs are at home, and not on duty, they are regular dogs. They play and run around and wag their tails, just like any other dog.
But I still find dogs too needy.

But, sometimes, my cats seem to act the same way. There are times when they want attention at a time that I don't want their attention, nor do I want to give them the attention they want.
At these times, I find that banging loudly on my computer desk a couple of times and scaring the piss out of them seems to work pretty well. Then I start laughing because the image of them scattering out of the room as fast as they can is just a hilarious sight. Scampering around boxes, kicking up papers in their paths, slipping and sliding on the floor just makes me giggle.
Then, of course, about two minutes later, they've completely forgotten about the banging, and return and try to sit on my lap again.
I'm pretty fortunate with my cats. They don't beg. If I'm eating cereal (pretty rare for me due to my lactose intolerant stomach), my girl does sit behind me until I'm done; not making a sound. When I am done, she cries once. I always leave a little bit of milk just so she has a little treat. The only time that she remotely does anything close to begging is if I have pepperoni pizza. She loves pepperoni! So, she still sits behind me, but she meows a lot more, hoping for a small piece now and again.
The boy doesn't have a clue about begging.

My girl is getting sick again. I can't figure out what's wrong. She hasn't lost a lot of weight, but enough so that it's noticeable. She still looks healthy, clean fur and all. But she is throwing up a lot. There has been no diet change, so it makes no sense to me. She'll go on like this for about a month, then be fine for a couple of months. She's not particularly old, she's only 10. They say that cat years and dog years are the same, so seven years for every one of ours. That would make her 70... actually, almost 77, because she's just about 11. In fact, I got her at xmas time and she was a couple of months old already, so she's probably already had her 11th birthday, which would make her 77. She still plays a lot, and doesn't seem to be in pain with arthritis, or anything like that. Am told, though, that calicos do have a shorter life expectancy than most other domesticated cats, and apparently she's right near the edge. But I don't know how much stock I can put into things like that. Have also been told that male calicos (my boy) only have a life expectancy of around six to seven years. So I'm not quite sure what to believe. I can understand about the male calico situation, though. Technically, male calicos are like the Downs syndrome of people with their XXY chromosomes.

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