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In times that I begin to feel overwhelmed with projects, it is often the case that I end up doing nothing.
In the process of rewriting my short stories to conform more to script form, and at the same time trying to keep the house more orderly, finish reading those books that I have started, keep my stomach filled, staying busy at work, and still trying to sleep, I find that I am failing all.
So I must find the will to begin again, starting from scratch, and then with only the necessities.
Sleep and food take priority. Those I must endeavor around my night-schedule at the hospital, working to earn the money needed to obtain such food, and keep me housed. The reading and writing must be temporarily delayed, but not forsaken, until I feel a little more at ease. The reading, however, will be easier, and can be completed in short spurts and bursts as I have free time available, usually at work when there is nothing else to be done. The writing, on the other hand, must wait a little longer. I had started that project, and turned my stories into crap. I will be throwing out the rewrites, and begin again after I finish the books (one is Return of the King and the other is a medical text so I can get my continuing education credits).
For those of you who have been keeping up with my short horror movie projects, do not despair. I will continue posting about my adventure in movie-making yet again, once I have been able to reinvigorate that field.

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