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Alrighty then!
Six, count 'em, six, short movie scripts written.
They are all horror, and each one deals with a different, blood-hungry "creature".

I read through all of them tonight, and have some work to do on them to make them easier to read, and either increase or decrease the length of a couple of them.

I have decided that all of these events/stories take place in a lake-side town that has wooded hills nearby. Granted, the lake and the woods don't show up in each picture. I'm still trying to come up with a name for my town.

It's small enough that it's away from larger cities, but big enough that it has to have its own hospital, TV station, motels, etc. I don't have a hospital in any of my stories, but if I continue writing, I'm eventually going to need one. The TV station would be for news clips if I decide to add those to some of my existing stories or for possible future stories as well. I should probably think about a train station, a bus station, and maybe even a small airport, but there is nothing in my scripts as of yet that would utilize these places. But If I had a town with a history, it would make it seem more real.

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