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An update on my koi, rather than my adventures in movie-making... aren't you all excited?

Still no pictures of my blue koi. My homemade filter got blocked up within a day, and I still haven't cleaned it, so the water is still a little too cloudy to get good pictures of them.
All the koi seem to be doing well, as far as I can tell.
I had put six small ones in the smaller pond, and finally saw that five still remain in there. If one has died, I never saw a corpse, so I'm actually hopeful that the other one is still just hiding, like the other two did for so long.
I know for sure that one of the four in the bigger pond died, because I found it floating quite a while ago. The other three little ones are quite active and are always around at feeding time.
The four larger ones that I also put in the larger pond play with the goldfish in there, and are just as active eaters as the goldfish, which simply means they like splashing and darting away from the surface after they've taken a bite--which indicates that they are healthy. The fact that their fins are sticking out as far as they can spread them is also an indication of good health.
There is a neighborcat that is still trying to stay near the ponds, although my scarecrow (water sprinkler hooked up to a motion detector) is keeping it at a safe distance. There has been no sign of damage to the plants or fish since installing that thing. I notice that it has gone off about every other day because of the water pattern on my deck. So it's doing its job. If there was a raccoon, I don't think I have to worry about it any more. But the cat is a little more tenacious. I just have to remember to keep it (the scarecrow) turned on every night.

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