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As I write more and more movie scripts, they begin to look more and more like actual movie scripts.
The first few were basically just short stories with a few camera moves and ideas for specific shots interlaced in places I thought they'd be cool.
Now, I'm using more and more
I stil don't write all of my dialogue the in the manner that screenplays utilize:

I can't figure out this problem.


Can I help you out, ol' buddy, ol' pal?

No, mostly I just write it the way you would in a novel or story:
John says, "I can't figure out this problem."
When I go through and decide what I want to film, I'll go back and refine everything, including camera moves and fx.
Heck, I may even do some story boards!

So, I've got four shorts written. That means I finally got a decent length werewolf story done. This is the one that looks most like a real screenplay. But not completely.

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